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CICCONE PHARMA CAMBODIA=EPISTANE(Methylepitiostanol 10mg p/cps=60caps)

Epistane (Methylepitiostanol)

This is the perfect pro hormone to use as cutting agent for male and female athletes who wants to avoid the androgenic effects of stronger pro hormones. It’s a anti estrogen, high anabolic, low liver toxicity compound that’s extremely versatile in gaining muscle as well as dieting.

To put it into perspective ---
Anavar (Oxandrolone) has an anabolic rating of 322 - 630.
Epistane (methylepitiostanol) has an anabolic rating of 1100
It's between double and three times the anabolic rating of Anavar.

Epistane is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone also known as androstanolone) derivative that is best known for the non-aromatizing and non-progestagenic characteristics. This means very little side effects can be expected from this anabolic agent.

Epistane’s Anabolic/Androgenic rating is 1100:91. This rating makes it the highest anabolic rated compound ever formulated with not even conventional anabolic steroids like Primobolan or Anavar matching this rating. The added benefit of this compound is that it has a very potent anti-estrogen agent that eliminates any possibilities of estrogen induced fat gain or water retention. Epistane is almost identical to a Japanese breast cancer drug called epitiostanol that blocked estrogen. Epistane however is much more anabolic than epitiostanol.

Your gains on Epistane will be solid, lean, hard and dry gains. It will give similar effects to Primobolan, Anavar and in some cases Turinibal but it has proven to lead to greater lean muscle gains than these mentioned anabolic steroids.

Epistane is a great alternative to nolvadex, arimadex and femara when stacking with other compounds that is known for aromatizing. This means that you can stack your Epistane with your normal cycle to prevent gyno whilst still getting massive advantages from its anabolic muscle building effects. Epistane can also be taken on its own to keep the athlete anabolic while solving the gyno problem.

Just when you think the advantages of this drug could not get any better. Epistane unlike other oral compounds Epistane (although methylated) has a very low liver toxicity and can be taken for longer periods of time and at higher doses than most orals. Epistane can easily run for 6 to 12 weeks at reasonable doses. It can be taken for longer than six weeks if it is the only oral being used at a dose of 30mg to 60mg daily split three times daily. Two doses daily is considered the minimum.

Epistane is one of the most pleasant oral steroids an athlete could ever use in their cycle considering its very low side effects and high anabolic rating. Clean solid gains with no water retention, lethargy, appetite suppression or depression when you stop the cycle.

WARNING - Although this is listed as a Pro Hormone it is still banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and you will test positive if you use this while competing in international sports events.