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BODY PHARM SUPER F-CARADINE(GW0742)=10mg/tab=50 tabs

GW-0742 vs GW-501516

GW-0742 is a PPARβ/δ agonist that structurally looks like Cardarine(GW501516) but with one hydrogen atom replaced with a fluorine atom. 

From what I can tell is that it has all the positive traits of Cardarine with added benefits. 

Like Cardarine, GW0742 has shown very impressive research results in body fat reduction and performance enhancement. 

GW-0742 differs from  GW-501516 due to enhanced synthesis and biological activity with user reports indicating it to be much more potent with more drastic results.

Currently there are no human trials to work with, and no animal trials looking at body composition / endurance (yet)

GW0742 Benefits

Here are the notable things I came across: 

  • Increases Insulin Sensitivity in rats
  • In diabetic rats fed a high fructose diet, the group given GW0742 had lower blood sugar than control, and insulin sensitivity was increased
  • Improves Expression of Type 2 Collagen and also indirectly reduced cartilage wear and tear
  • Promotes reverse cholesterol transport. (This means is that it’s moving cholesterol back to the liver which should lower total cholesterol.)
  • Reduces Inflammation in Gut
  • Limits Right Heart Hypertrophy and shown to be cardiac protective
  • Enhances Lipid Metabolism

GW0742 Side Effects

I previously dispelled the cancer myths surrounding Cardarine HERE. However, those with concerns about Cardarine causing cancer will be pleased to know that no studies have shown GW0742 to cause cancer.

The only side effect that I notice came from one rat study mention seeing cardiomegaly through activation of calcineurin. But I think it was the much higher dosage this was observed at, rather than the more conservative dosing utilized in other studies.

Just keep in mind that too much of anything can find a way of causing problems, even water.

GW0742 Dosages

I’ve discussed this compound with several researches who have taken it and discussing it with associates of mine with medical degrees. My conclusion is that a more conservative daily dosage ranging between 10mgs and no more than 15mg could be considered safe if utilized in shorter durations of 8 weeks or less. This was considered when comparing the more conservative rat dosages to the size of a human test subject.

This is certainly an interesting compound and thought you guys would enjoy the info!