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Testolone is the newest SARM to hit the market and is growing fast in popularity. Testolone was developed in 2010 and therefore there is not a lot of clinical testing done on this SARM. As a result feedback is mostly anecdotal. 

What we do know about it is that it has shown similar properties to the testosterone based anabolic steroid in that higher dosages lead to greater lean muscle mass gains.

Testolone is designed to replace testosterone and has largely been chosen for ongoing development because of the potential it holds for treating a range of conditions, both muscular and neurodegenerative

What to Expect

Apart from the anabolic benefits, Testolone can be used to counteract some of the adverse results associated with testosterone based steroids, such as enlarged prostates.

As you increase the dose you should notice increased lean muscle gains and increased fat burning.

Side Affects

Testolone is safe for female athletes as it carries no androgenic side effects. There are no serious reported side effects with Testolone use.


The recommended dosage is from 10 – 30 milligrams per day and a cycle can last anywhere up to 12 weeks.

Our recommended dosage is as follows and as always our recommendations are on the lower side of the scale.

  • Male athletes 2 tablets daily
  • Female athletes ½ - 1 tablet daily
  • Cycle 6 – 12 weeks with 8 weeks being a good median

Whats in the box?

  • 56 tablets per box
  • 5mg of Testolone per tablet

Stack with

Use by itself or stack with a Test/ tren based cycle and/or combine with Cardarine and/or Nutrobal

Developed by Radius Health, RAD-140 is the newest second-gen SARM. Known also as Testalone or Testolone, it has very impressive and powerful muscle-building effects, even greater than those of LGD-4033. Despite it’s highly-anabolic profile, there are almost no reports of significant testosterone suppression or other side effects (this may be due, however, to its recency on the market). Clinical testing shows RAD-140 counteracts prostate enlargement, and also may exhibit neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative properties.

  • Typical dose: 15-30 mg/day
  • Max: 30 mg/day
  • Stacking dose: 5-15 mg/day (depending on stack)
  • Half-life: 12-18 hours