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UPA MELATONIN SLEEP(30mgMelatonin/cap=30caps)

Melatonin 30mg per capsule / 30 caps

One of the best natural sleeping aids available to help achieve maximum muscle gains and fight anti-ageing.

Melatonin is available in some countries on the shelves as a food supplement seeing that small amounts of melatonin can be found in foods such as grains, meats, fruit and vegetables. The issue of the classification of melatonin however is a controversial one seeing that melatonin is mainly a hormone made by the pineal gland (small gland in the brain).

In other words, the authorities were caught between classifying it as a food supplement or as a hormone. This change in scheduling caused melatonin to be withdrawn from the shelves as a food supplement in many countries and the product became unavailable to the consumer without a script.

Your body has its own internal clock to put you to sleep and wake you up. The release of the hormone melatonin plays a crucial role in managing this clock. During the course of the day when it gets darker more melatonin will be released to help you fall asleep. As the morning comes your melatonin levels will decrease and make you less sleepy. As you grow older like all the other hormones in your system your melatonin levels decrease and in some people totally disappear. These lower levels of the hormone called melatonin then causes sleeping hours to be less and sleep patterns to be unpredictable.

There is also a condition called “seasonal affective disorder” where during the winter months in many countries the days are much shorter and this disturbs the release of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin supplementation can effectively solve the symptoms of this sleeping disorder and set the biological clock to attain better sleeping patterns.

Melatonin is currently being used for

· Creating good sleeping patterns and undisturbed sleeping hours.

· Treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

· Preventing or reducing problems with sleeping and confusion after surgery.

· Reducing cluster headaches.

We have learnt through extensive studies that most of the anti-ageing protocols revolve around hormone supplementation. The different hormone production mechanisms fail when old age sets in and the hormone levels decrease. Melatonin hormone along with testosterone, thyroid and growth hormone all play different roles but all contribute to the greater purpose of fighting the ageing process. Melatonin hormone will help with better and deeper sleep patterns that is crucial for cell regeneration and muscle gains.

If you do not eat and sleep you will always battle to have solid gains. You will notice that when you have not had a good night sleep your muscle pumps in the gym is also less intense than after a good night rest. Melatonin will help you with quality sleep and hence quality gains.

Melatonin side effects include

· Sleepiness

· Lower Body Temperature

· Vivid Dreams

· Morning grogginess

· Small changes in blood pressure

Doses – Adults can take between 0.2mg and 20mg. The correct does varies widely from one person to another.

Ciccone Pharma with the help of TNT Mercury formulated a 20mg capsule and 60 capsules per container. The average strength that use to be available was between 3mg and 6mg. Melatonin is now very hard to come buy unless with a doctors script. Ciccone Pharma and TNT Mercury as hard-core brands decided to go for a maximum dose per capsule of 20mg. This is three to six times stronger than the usual.