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CICCONE PHARMA CAMBODIA=M1T(Methyldihydroboldenone 5mg p/cps=90CAPS)

M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone)
This is probably the strongest oral compound ever made.
Because of its potency, Ciccone Pharma formulated it in a 5mg capsule and put 90 capsules in a container. Taking one capsule a day (5mg) should be sufficient and at most two capsules per day (10mg) for a maximum of 5 to 6 weeks. These doses might sound low but considering its potency athletes are warned to not compare it to doses being taken of other products they are familiar with. Some users reported a dose of around 20mg but this was found to be very high and the side effects of high blood pressure and toxicity at those doses became rapidly evident.
Some describe M1T’s characteristics as a mix between Primabolan, Stanazol and Trenbolone. I personally like comparing it to Oxymethelone (Anapolon) by comparing its anabolic rating. Anapolon is seen as one of the strongest orals in the world and has an anabolic rating of 320. M1T has an anabolic rating of 900-1600. This is between four and five times the anabolic rating of Anapolon (Oxymethelone)
The active pharmaceutical ingredient of this agent is methyldihydroboldenone also known as Methyl-1-testosterone or in short M1T. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.
This product is mostly used on a bulking cycle when rapid mass and size gains are the objective. Many athletes report some water retention on M1T. Athletes who are genetically very lean report massive pumps and extreme vascularity when working out in the gym. The toxicity of this product can be felt after a couple of days of administration.
M1T is so potent as an anabolic and androgenic that it can be used on its own. Alternatively, it can be stacked with regular agents like an injectable testosterone enanthate, cypionate or even a Test 450mg Combo blend from Ciccone Pharma that will pack a serious punch and add to serious gains. One millilitre of Test 450mg Combo twice or three times per week with 2 to 3 capsules of M1T per day would be a serious stack for serious gains.
M1T is not a very well-known agent and very new to the market but for athletes who want something new and different to their normal compounds this a highly-recommended bulking agent.
Milligram for milligram it is also two to three times stronger than Superdrol.
WARNING - Although this is listed as a Pro Hormone it is still banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and you will test positive if you use this while competing in international sports events.